Sometimes & Always #4

{1.}Sometimes: I stay up late writing posts because I can't get it done when the kids are awake without feeling guilty for totally somewhat ignoring them.
Always: I feel like so much is accomplished when I wake the next day!
{2.}Sometimes: I flip the judgement switch on too soon. 
Always: I feel guilty for being so rude (with my thoughts).
{3.}Sometimes: I was right about my quick judgement.
Always: I don't feel as guilty. =)
{4.}Sometimes: I feel like my days all blend together.
Always: It is a good feeling to not be super crazy, ALL the time.
{5.}Sometimes: I can't wait for summer to be over with already!
Always: I love it still.
{6.}Sometimes: I want to just go shopping and blow all of our savings on a new wardrobe.
Always: I think about what we "really" want long term and feel better about my shopping fantasy.

The End. I hope it was revealing enough =). The pictures are from a nice little Honeymoon Reunion we had {sigh}. What have you got to share? Let 'er rip! Comment below so I can follow.

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Evelien Standaert said…
Beautiful pics!
I want a honeymoon reunion too!!
Lambz Ann said…
 Thanks! I think it should be required. We always try to have a staycation if possible, even just one night of sleep is worth it!
Amy said…
Love your pics! And I totally know what you mean about making quick judgements. It's something I'm working on too! Hope you're having a great day!
Jasmine said…
Love the pics! looks like it would be fun!
Mosby Hardin said…
I have been dying to go on a shopping trip! But I am waiting a while till I lose some more weight and can go!
Lambz Ann said…
 Thanks Amy! We all have something in our closet to work on! Appreciate your support!
Lambz Ann said…
 We actually won this getaway when my husband won his American Idol Contest for his job conference! It was well worth it. I love the beds in the Hiltons!
Lambz Ann said…
 Mosby, Maybe that is what I should shoot for so I can get motivated to lose some more! Thanks for stopping by!
Lauren said…
Sometimes I judge to quickly too then I feel bad. Trying to do better.
Lambz Ann said…
 Yes, aren't we all. It doesn't help when we are right about our judgements.
Debbie Benedict said…
Great post. I am with you on wanting to buy a new wardrobe. But I too know that is not realistic.