June 19, 2012

Sometimes & Always #5

A Day In March 2012
Sometimes: I hear my little boy singing a self-composed song. 
Always: I stop to listen with a smile and think about what life has in store for him. 
Sometimes: I procrastinate work.
Always: I make up for it by working 6 hours straight into the next morning.
Sometimes: I wish Friday would be here sooner.
Always: I realize I need to just stop SPENDING.
Sometimes: I hear a song or see a picture and my mind is flooded with memories from that time period.
Always: I spend so much time side-tracked on that topic because it's nice to live in the past sometimes.
Sometimes: I feel like my blog friends are more real than my facebook friends.
Always: I realize they are!
 Sometimes: I think about next semester and get anxious.
Always: I can't wait to get started teaching 2 new subjects and the most classes in one semester I have taught to date!
A Day In March 2012
A Day In March 2012


Sara Rainey said...

Love it! Especially number 5!

Lambz Ann said...

Thanks Sara! I didn't even get pics up yet! AHHH!

Liane said...

I feel that way about my blog friends too!
You're photos are too cute! x

Sherry Reese said...

Thanks for reading mine and for your lovely comments. I definitely need to work on sharing more about me. I guess that is one of my many flaws. Haha! I'll try to take some cues from you for the future. You sound like a pretty busy mom yourself...isn't it grand?

Rebecca said...

Hello! Thank you for joining my blog. It means a lot. :)
I am about to become a follower to yours.
That's awesome that you're a college professor. What classes do you teach? I've been out of college for the past year. I'm currently working at Panera Bread, deciding what's next in my life. I actually want to go back to school soon. We'll see if the chance opens.
Thanks again for following my blog. And my name is Rebecca. Have a wonderful day!

Lambz Ann said...

Thanks about the photos and for stopping by!

Lambz Ann said...

Yes it is much more than I thought it would be =) but I do love it oh so much.

Lambz Ann said...

Rebecca! of course. I teach Psychology courses. I know what you mean about wanting to go back to school. I do too!

Megan @ Mackey Madness said...

Totally agree that blog friends seem more real life than Facebook friends. I love that!!

Thanks for linking up!!

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