Sometimes & Always #6

Sometimes: I try to comment on blogs and it has Captcha.
Always: I get super annoyed and question if I REALLY want to leave that comment.

Rodeo March 2012 

Sometimes: I get on a really bad schedule consisting of getting to bed around 2AM.
Always: I totally regret it and can't stay away from it! AHHH.

Sometimes: The missionaries come over.
Always: They make my entire day better by changing my perspective.

Rodeo March 2012 

Sometimes: I am really great at getting organized and my house put "back together."
Always: It usually takes a string of unannounced visitors to get me in the mood to accomplish just that.

Sometimes: Wasps and other weird wasp-look-alike creatures make their way into my car.
Always: I completely freak out and possibly endanger my life in the process to avoid a dreaded sting!! (Our poor baby was stung 3x Friday =(. He is such a tough little guy)

Rodeo March 2012
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Pictures taken March 2012. 


Valerie said…
Not the wasps in the car!!!! Ugh, I'd endanger my life and those around me as well. I hate bees and things that sting.
Sara Rainey said…
I can relate to each item on your list! Especially NUMBER ONE!
Sherry Reese said…
Although the "captcha" thing (I didn't even know what it was called) can be a little annoying, but I guess I understand its purpose if it helps keep "spam" from showing up on your blog. In my experience, I don't even think it matters if you type in the right letters/numbers because I am often unsure if I'm right but the comment always go through. Is that right? Anyway, I hope you'll keep commenting and visiting. I had an accident one time because of a mosquito or other biting insect in my car...oops! I do hate those little buggers!
Jeannie Brown said…
I will turn into the biggest baby whenever I see a wasp!
Lambz Ann said…
Hahah! Me too! Thanks for stopping by!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Sara! So much!
Lambz Ann said…
Haha Sherry! I understand, but I don't have captcha and blogger has a separate folder to spam, so you don't really get those comments even posted. I just check my spam folder every once and awhile and I am good. Also, there are so many commenting widgets that catch those too. Thanks for stopping by today!
Amber Lennon said…
I know just how you feel, i react the same way if I see a creature in my car....I've had a couple of accident scares because of critters.
TracyZLesh said…
I always get freaked out when bugs/wasps/spiders make their way into my car, too! Hope you're having a great week. I am new to this type of commenting - so I am not sure you will know who I am - TracyZLesh from
Cassi Beatty said…
whatever gets you to clean. even if it is an unwanted visitor ;)
emily said…
Hey lady!! I
just found your cute blog via the hop and added myself to your followers! Also
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Hope to see
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Lambz Ann said…
Ahhhh! The summer brings them on! It was a paper wasp! Ewwww!
Lambz Ann said…
I do too! I know the sting can't be worse than other pains, I just flip! Thanks for stopping by!