Thankful Thursday


Today I am linking up with a few peeps to complete a list of things I am thankful for related to this week. I am thankful for:

{1.} My husband, leaving me to deep sea fish Monday, then cooking the goods last night. Man were they delicious.
{2.} The rain this week. I know it has been somewhat annoying, but it allowed us to stay in more and I enjoyed cuddling up with the boys during the afternoon showers.
{3.} The lovebugs' health. How fortunate we are to have healthy beautiful babes.
{4.} My father (earthly and Heavenly).
{5.} Our kitchen table. As I scrubbed it last week, on my hands and knees I thought, "Man this table is dirty." Then I wondered where each fleck of food came from. What laughter and tears and possible sleep was shared at this table. I will be sad to see it go someday soon, but happy we will have one big enough for guests.
{6.} Abby. She is always signed up, as the youngest of 7 and fresh out of high school, to help with any of her nieces or nephews. She never complains. She is always cheery, for the most part. I love her to infinity and beyond!

PS The pics are from a creative night of dinner at our house. The boys loved it. And yes, that is a pig eating pork =).

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The Fontenot Four


laurakim123 said…
such cute pictures :) And a great list.
Me said…
Loved the pics - thanks for sharing them with us !
Have a great Friday.
Jaimie Ramsey said…
the pictures are hilarious! :)  that's a great idea...especially if you have picky eaters.  (or 'piggy' eaters?? :) )
Charisma Moran said…
What a fun and adorable meal!! Awesome list! There is always so much to be thankful for! 
Noël said…
Ahh,  I love your heart of gratitude about #5. Not many people can get that just from scrubbing a table. That's awesome.
mrs. Pancakes said…
These are great...the picture with the pig is too awesome!!
Lambz Ann said…
Laura! Thank you so much. It was nice getting it out!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks! I hope to have a nice Friday!
Lambz Ann said…
I love the "piggy" eaters! I should have thought of that for the post! You are the creative one!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Charisma! I appreciate you taking the time to comment today!
Lambz Ann said…
It was a lot of scrubbing and that wasn't my only thought =)
Lambz Ann said…
They are obsessed with animals, so we have a lot of them =) Thanks for the comment.
I am loving that you are thankful for the rain - despite when it doesn't allow you to play outside. ;)
I love your "Creative night at dinner" - that little piggy is just too cute ;)

How long did hubby go deep sea fishing for - just the day? Either way...YAY getting to cook up the goods ;)

Thank you for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday <3
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for having me!