Friday's Letters

Dear Readers,
Really, Google had to “take over the [internet] world” and disable my blog and email and YouTube account because I mistyped my birth-date? No warning! Just, “Oh you made a mistake, that’s unheard of? Now you will pay!” DO NOT EVER do this. It is a horrible to recover from. I am sorry for my mistype! If I could, I would abandon Google and blogger all together, but because of my lovely audience, I choose not to. Thanks for your loyalty!

Dear Annoying pockets in my comfortable capri pants,
Why did you fail me this week? I was just trying to have a fun summer movie morning with the boys and you had to let my WALLET slip out? I was juggling enough with a bag full of diapers, clothes and snacks and a toddler who refuses to wear shoes when he has a moment of distress. Not to mention my other toddler who is not afraid to stray in public, large crowd places! Thanks for nothing!

Dear Honest Movie Clean Up Crew,
Thank you for returning my wallet and realizing that you would not gain much from selling my license to some underage teenager or using my debit card! It gives me hope that there are still honest people amongst the sea of craziness we call society.

Dear my dear Calvin,
Thank you for teaching me that sometimes, there is nothing you can do about horrible circumstances, you just have to grin and bear it! Thanks for being patient buddy!

Dear MomsNightOut ladies,
Love it. We had so much fun this week and I totally needed it. Thanks!

Dear lover,
Thanks for letting me get away so much this week. You are my perfect match.

Dear Oliver,
You make such leaps and bounds by the hour, I can’t keep up! Your speech, understanding of language and words and colors, numbers.

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Sherry Reese said…
Awww, glad someone honest found your wallet! I know how difficult it is to juggle two kids and all their stuff and commend you for doing something special with them. What movie did you see? Glad you go a girls night out too!
Brigette Rushworth said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yours is so fun to read! Friday letters is really fun!! Glad you got some time away :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yours is so fun to read! Friday letters is really fun!! Glad you got some time away :)
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Brigette! I appreciate your comments!
Lambz Ann said…
We saw Puss and Boots! It's a dollar theater summer kinda thing :) hahah thanks! I am glad you can edit whenever you want! You are always comment Sherry! I appreciate it.
Linnea Adamson said…
Yay for getting your wallet back. Good to know there are some honest people out there!!