A needed a break...

I needed a break! Last month I reached my goal to blog more than the month before, now this month I am already behind! (Maybe I can catch up?) I guess it really doesn't matter because I am completing some much needed maintenance on my house. Being gone at camp last week really wore me out, leaving many incomplete chores, I am talking really incomplete! The good news is, I am happy and healthy and it's all good. I even spent some time on Pinterest tonight (sign). I stopped when I felt inspired to do something more with my life =).

I cannot wait to celebrate the 4th tomorrow. I am so grateful for all those who sacrafice on my behalf, serving in our military. To all those families who give so freely of your loved ones, THANK YOU! I will be watching those fireworks, thinking about how blessed I am to live in this promised land!

Sunday we sang, America The Beautiful, in sacrament. It always brings me back to my kindergarten year, in which we sang one patriotic song each morning after the pledge and everyone would always turn around when they sang my name (Amber waves of grain). Too bad many kids have never even heard of such songs around these parts. Well, I better be going. Sleep tight!


Katie Terpstra said…
Hello! I found your blog through a link on Twitter. I'd love it if you shared a post or two at my intentional living themed blog party that's happening here:

Hope you have a happy 4th!
Michelle said…
I dont think you should put pressure on yourself to blog a certain number of times, just blog when you feel you have something interesting to share :) No point in putting yourself under pressure, we'll be here if and when you chose to say hello!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks for the support! I read this on my phone and totally made my night! Have a great weekend.