Sometimes & Always #7

Summer 03-2012

Sometimes: I spend way too much time editing pictures.
Always: I look around for new, free editing sites (like THIS ONE which is sooo much faster than picmonkey)

Sometimes: I lay on the trampoline watching the clouds slowly drift by.
Always: I am brought back to my pre-teen years spent outside in the Florida sun.

Summer 2012
Sometimes: I look at my kids and think, "Holy Moly, they are like full grown adults!"
Always: I realize I still have time before that dreadful day.

Sometimes: I miss my family who lives far away.
Always: I wish had loads in the bank to fly all over the US to "drop by."

Sometimes: GOOGLE SUCKS and ruins your entire week.
Always: I get over it and continue to use their services, trying to put the past BEHIND.

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Sara Beth said…
I can definitely sympathize with the one about the kids being little adults!
Sherry Reese said…
I say all the time that Google is taking over the world! Haha! Glad you are back. I had thought it was strange that you hadn't blogged in a while. Yes, kids grow up way too fast, and I am just holding on as tight as I can to my kids' babyhood and childhood! Hope you have a great week!
Lambz Ann said…
Hahah! Thanks for stopping by Sara Beth!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Sherry! I know about the kids, hanging on. I think the blog helps me hang on a little longer! I have to say it out loud, you know? Thanks for noticing my absence =)
Amanda @ this IS my real hair said…
I really like your photos! Take all the time you need to edit. I don't mind at all ;)
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Amanda! I love editing... It is such a nice "hobby" and it helps when I make photo books for the fam. All the work is done!
Ashley Quarles said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comment. You are beautiful and your boys are so handsome!!! Can't wait to follow along.
I wish I had the money to fly all over the US as well. :) I am eager to try out your new photo editing software. It is so hard to find one that works well and doesn't cost a small fortune.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Have a great Wednesday!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Ashley! I love it!
Jasmine SJ said…
Hey Amber!! Ive been trying to comment as I read but my work computer really won't let me. Tonight I'm up late reading so I was able to come back and post... Love ur post ... Wish of all things I could get a slice of that cake. Lol...
Thanks for stopping by.
Taylor Kee said…
Great post! If you have any free editing sites you'd recommend let me know! I'm still learning!