Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I accomplish all of the things I set out to do.
Always: It happens to be on those days, I have studied my scriptures.

Sometimes: We spend so much time with the kids.
Always: It is time well spent.

Sometimes: Sea World amazes me.
Always: I want to go back for more.

Sometimes: We watch National Geographic with Oliver.
Always: He seems to know more than I do.
The Rays

Sometimes: I listen to my sister or this one or this one.
Always: I follow in their footsteps.

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Jennifer Goodin said…
i LOVE sea world! wasn't petting the sting rays so cool!
Samantha said…
Oh I can't wait to take Amy (my 1 year ole) to sea world!!!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks! for commenting and stopping by!
Janna Renee said…
I love Sea World, and I don't think that there is such thing as spending too much time with your kids!