Do Better Sundays

Today is a day to be inspired. Inspired to do good, to recharge, to worship our Lord. A day dedicated to family, service, and just plain 'ole love. Well, today I am doing this in the comfort of our own home. We missed church, one of my favorite things to attend weekly. So I went searching for that inspiration, recharge and worship. I decided to start a weekly post of that inspiration. I love the new set up of Mormon Channel. I get the app on my phone and from anywhere, I can listen to music, Ensign articles, General Conference, Devotionals. Technology is amazing.

I found this lovely video that I would like to share. My mom and sister are visiting my brother and his family in NYC this past week, so I thought I would look at this video. I loved it! (I especially love her haircut!) Check it out and let me know what you think? Have you been inspired to do better today?