Friday's Letters

Japanese Steakhouse

Dear Friday,
I have missed you.

Dear Oliver,
You are so adorable writing letters on your leap pad! I love your enthusiasm.

Dear mother,
Thank you for sharing that weird caterpillar with us that we have kept for months in a mason jar cage. It turned into the most educational, cool experience as we watched an Imperial Moth crawl out of a cocoon. Wow! It was so worth the wait.

Dear Calvin,
I love to lay with you as you fall fast asleep in a big boy bed, but you keep putting me to sleep mid-day =).

Dear Rain,
I am grateful for you. You cooled down the temperature already today!

Dear Lowry Park Zoo,
I cannot wait to explore you!

Dear Love,
Thanks for nursing me back to health!


Neisa Smith said…
Have fun at Lowry Park Zoo, it is one of our favorite places to go. My son just asked me yesterday when we could go again.
Dara said…
Lowry Park Zoo is great! My husband travels to Tampa for business a lot and we always visit the zoo if we go with him!
Michelle said…
Iv always wanted to see a catapillar turn into a moth, that would have been very cool! Onya Mum :)
Sally Sargeant said…
You guys look like you are having SO much fun!!! I want to come hang out with you cool kids :) Hope you have a great weekend my friend! Love the letters, Sally xoxo
Lambz Ann said…
It was totally rained out, but we get to go again soon! Thanks for stopping by!
Lambz Ann said…
That is so good to hear! I didn't know it was so popular.
Lambz Ann said…
Michelle, we just simply put it in a mason jar and fed it leaves every few days. Eventually we buried it in some soil in the mason jar and it finally came out! I will have to share the video on the blog!
Lambz Ann said…
Sally! We would love to hang out! THanks for stopping by!
Roshni AaMom said…
Looks like a great get-together! Wow to being able to see the caterpillar turning into a butterfly!!
I am now a follower of your blog. Do visit me when you get the chance!
Mindy Harris said…
new GFC follower. cute blog, friend. found u thru the naptime review GFC follower hop deal!
kelli said…
I would love for you to post these cute pics on my blog today, come link up!
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