Sometimes & Always #10

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Sometimes: I spend all night on a blog that I love, catching up.
Always: I do not regret it, like creating better organization folders for our finances, found at the Nest Effect!

Spring Training

Sometimes: While picking a chicken ( like picking off the meat of a whole, cooked chicken), I wonder if this is a job that someone does, day in and day out.
Always: I realize that I am so grateful for my jobs.

Tigers' Spring Training

Sometimes: While cleaning, I think about sampling all of the germs at different locations to learn how nasty it really is to be wiping around the sink or dropping food on the floor.
Always: I realize that would take too much time and I should leave that to the experts.

Spring Training Tigers

Sometimes: I focus on keeping one area of the house clean for a long period of time (like always doing the dishes).
Always: Somehow I fail at keeping up that habit.

[These pictures were taken by my love, 3-31-2012. Tigers' Spring Training.]

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Pamela said…
What a fun link up and hilarious post :) I enjoyed reading your sometimes and always. I also enjoyed the fact that I'm not the only one who's wondered about chicken pickers/shredders!! :D
Awesome photos by the way, they capture Summer perfectly <3