Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I doze off when we finish reading our library books.
Always: I want a nap for the rest of the day.

Sometimes: I get so annoyed with the influx of bugs during this season.
Always: I become paranoid and look everywhere, inside and out to make sure they are not around!

Sometimes: I am super moody.
Always: It is accompanied by a monthly visitor.

Sometimes: I am mean to my family while being super moody from my monthly visitor.
Always: I say I'm sorry and still think about it days afterwards.

March 2012 
Sometimes: I wish I could spend all day on here editing photos from a lightning fast computer, free of all responsibility.
Always: I realize that I have a life outside of my blog, work and anything else that pulls me away from my family.

Sometimes: I justify skipping posts by posting like 10 in a row =)
Always: It helps me get back into the swing of daily blogging!


Sarah said…
Haha! Sorry about your monthly visitor, I hope you get back to your regular self soon!!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks! I couldn't reply to you. It wasn't coming up! Yes, I am now back to my regular self! Thanks for the comment!