The Plan

A planner, just a simple way to lay things out in life. I couldn't wait to get my hands on my brand new planner. There is just something about the alignment of the numbers and lines. Maybe this obsession is what drove me to education. No. Well, I marked my old calendar for the date I would get my greedy little hands on this planner. It comes at the start of each new school year. I would make sure I was there. In fact, my old planner ended and I needed that space to record my life. A journal, you could say. Sure, there is blank white paper, calendars to print, but it is just not the same as ONE place to hold my record.

I patiently listened to the presenter, while thinking about what I could add to my shiny, new planner. Really, there wasn't much. I attentively heard all the speakers had to say, and left with the renewed sense of motivation. Motivation to do better.

As I drove home, with the uplifting feeling of accomplishing a goal,  I thought, "There is something quite exciting about being a part of something bigger than you are." I watched the city buildings pass by quickly, glowing with magnitude. I was a part of something big. I am a part of something huge. Education should be replaced with the word, "inspriation." For if we are inspired, we change. To learn, is to make a change. You can even go right down to that neural pathway that links one neuron to the next. A change does happen. What kind of changes do I make daily? Am I educating, learning, inpiring... myself?
I arrived home to "big hugs" and sweet kisses, smiles that would melt your heart and words that went right to my heart. I attentively listened to wild stories of park going and lizard wrestling from a child barely three. The almost two year old echoed his enthusiasm and details. What a lovely feeling it is to be missed. A feeling like, I really am a part of something bigger than I am. How blessed I feel to know this. Being a mother, so much more rewarding.


I have to tell you, I needed to really read this today. Thank you so much for writing such a lovely and inspiring post. It's so true. And I love those photos, by the way. The joy in your faces is captured so well! Beautiful!! :)
Abigail Beatty said…
Loved this Amz. I love getting planners as much as you do! We're the same.