August 7, 2012

Tuesday 10 is Back Again

So I have been taking a break from Tuesday 10, just like the link host! I am back though and can't wait to link up! The topic is author's choice this week. I decided to go with: Top 10 Reasons I Love Having Two Boys. Here goes:

I love that they are future scientists, so interested in squeezing frogs and catching lizards. 

spring break 2012
I love moments when they fall down and get right back up without making a peep. 

I love how easily they forgive, like most men.

I love the clothes and toy sharing.

The Rays
I love their adventurous spirits. 

spring break 2012
I love their [close] age difference.

spring break 2012
I love that they are so much like their amazing father.

spring break 2012
I love that we have so many righteous men in our family for them to look up to.

spring break 2012
I love that they love us (their parents).

I love that they have each other, through this life and the eternities to come.


Pamela said...

Hello there! I'm a new follower, found you through the GFC blog hop :) So glad to discover your blog! I really love this post about your 2 boys. From a fellow mommy to another, I can totally relate! I love finding other mama's blogs & reading up on their thoughts! (I blog a lot about my little girl over at Macdonald's Playland - These photos are priceless too! You've got some cuties there! :)

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Aw! Such a sweet post for your boys!
I love it!
Thanks for linking up!

Lambz Ann said...

Thanks !I am checking it out now! Love it and we are both LDS! Nice!

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