Video Monday on a Friday

Endless digging. This is our video for the week. Cute little Calvin so optimistic in thinking that his endless digging will get him somewhere, but maybe it isn't that he is trying to get somewhere, but rather, do something. With a tiny shovel and cute little arms to fill a bucket that is nearly his size.

That is how I feel about the past few weeks. My "to do" list is endless, but not hopeless. We have been trying to get out of the house daily, to accomplish something that enriches my boys. With that comes opposition, opposition in all things, right? Something always goes wrong when we try to accomplish anything, but the rest is filled with something going right.

Parenting is difficult. Not many people are willing to come out and say that. It is harder than any of us expect. We are challenged beyond what we ever imagined, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep digging, that we should just give up when our bucket looks too big and our shovel is too small. We should look to our family and vent. We should turn to the Lord in prayer. This has been my teaching experience over the past few weeks. Through it all, my love has been there to pick up any pieces along the way. Such a trooper my love is.... such a perfect companion.