Happy Birthday to Calvin

Time has gotten away from me in the blogosphere. But it has been time well spent. I think it is better late than never to recognize a special occasion. For me it was celebrating our sweet little Calvin's birth. So sweet in fact, that I spent each moment soaking it up.

Calvin, your mood, though ever-changing lately, is apparent in almost any situation. You are an expert at expressing your feelings. You seem to have your mother's sleep patterns, wishing to stay up until dawn and then sleep through the day, with your little feet pounding on your bedroom door until your body gives up. Your beautiful red hair and dimples could not make you any more charming, but then your laugh is discovered and you make parenting a challenge. Your speech is impecable for your age. You are your older brother's shadow, sticking close to his side as the day passes. You are very curious, asking many questions and already showing such a strong interest in Science.

Almost every night before Mommy crawls into bed, she can't help but sneak into your room to look at you once more, ever dreaming of puppies and lollipops. The sounds of crashing waves and a glowing blue light make your room so dreamy. Most nights, you end up in your brother's bed, after quietly playing until your eyelids are too heavy to hold open.

 Mommy can't help but wish you were a baby once more as she watches you sleep. Your body so lean and toddler-like. It has only been two years, but really it would be impossible to give up how far we have come, how much you have learned, how strong you have become in two years. I can only reminisce of nights spent slowly singing you to sleep and wonder how much harder it will be to let you grow old. I guess it's something that I can't stop, but must embrace while holding onto to such innocence and sweet memories of chasing you around the house as a lion or teaching you to wash your hands or reading you Goodnight Moon until you choose another book.

I can't help but hold back a few tears realizing that these experiences are the best of our years together and they will be impossible to let go one day. You slid down the slide over and over today at the park and climbed up a ladder above my head. You laughed with glee and pride as you reached the top while I reached for your legs! So quick to get away from my grasp that it brought you utter joy, while I clung for dear life. We are so blessed to have you, our dear Calvin, in our family for eternity. We are so blessed to be a small part in your development and growth. We love you with such magnitude that it is hardly defined here. Happy second birthday Cal!