Something that one cannot escape, well sort of. We come to this earth to live, gain a mortal body, learn, change, become better, develop, experience, and die, a part of this life. I know we can live again, but everyone in the world, doesn't have that same understanding.

After attending my grandfather's memorial, I had no idea I would be confronted with death so soon. Monday I watched a family suffer, pains that spread through the entire congregation. Our soul longs to be with those we love on this earth. It doesn't seem fair when a child is taken. A sweet son and brother and friend. I had not attended a child's funeral since becoming a mother and this one was too much. My heart ached for my friend, a sweet mother who just wanted her baby back. He was 17, but nonetheless, her firstborn. With each moment I compared my life. I looked towards the future and thought of my two boys, my husband, my unborn children. I can't fathom a thought that would include such a horrific scene.

Tears streamed down my face as I looked into the eyes of my husband. I knew he was thinking what I was thinking. How grateful I was to have him there to support me. To support our family. As they lowered the coffin, it was almost too much to hear the reactions of those surrounding his grave. The crowd was dismissed, but no one stepped away. We couldn't leave this aching family who mourned so vocally, the loss of their son, brother, cousin, friend. We couldn't step away as the mother cried out for her son. We all shed tears, feeling hopeless in offering comfort to such a loving family.

The whole ride home, I thought of my boys. I thought of their laughs and smiles. I longed to kiss them and hug them once more. I longed to spend any waking minute with them. My perspective had changed. I was a mother who still had her babies here on this earth. I thanked my Heavenly Father for the opportunity on my knees that night.

Watch this video below for a quick change in perspective. For more information about life after death, click HERE.


Michelle said…
Im so sorry for your loss. Death and even sickness really does make me think about my own life and if Im living it as fully as I can. We'll be hugging our loved ones a little bit tighter now x
Cassi Beatty said…
What a tear jerker this post is. I love the video.
As a side note, the picture of Oliver in this post is perfect!