Just slow down

Five months has traveled in the window and out the back door. Our family has changed, our first home sold, and Daddy got a job outside the house.

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it is too fast. Well, at least for out little one. It hit me today while spilling my guts to our sweet pediatrician. Just SLOW down. 

Change is difficult for little minds who cannot wrap their thoughts around the idea that we won't ever go back to the house with the star or that daddy will be at work all day or that baby Gordon is a part of our family now. Change can't explain that things won't ever be the way they were, but that is okay and wonderful. I guess I need to face reality that I won't sit on the ugly brown tile front step on rainy summer days to share Popsicles and laughs with a sticky smile. I will never stare at the perfect bright yellow painted walls of our bedroom that echo so many memories and "talks" my love and I shared. I'll never burn another dish in our kitchen or kiss my babies good night in their blue ocean painted room. 

We'll miss leaning over that chain linked fence sharing our lives with the best neighbors we'll ever have. 

Slowing down will help them. Individual time because too often they get thrown into "the boys" category instead of the growing individuals they are. The beauty of meeting a new baby is discovering the differences he has. 

Our love for sweet baby Gordon grows everyday. He smiles and lights up my heart. Even when he is ill, he will muster up the strength to flash his love for you the only way he knows how. He is so patient with me and his brothers. I didn't know when he was born and probably not fully aware of the blessing he is to our family. My heart could burst with gratitude that I have this family of boys in my life. I am just over joyed.


Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle said…
We all need a reminder to slow down sometimes with life getting so busy and changes happening. I hope things start to settle down for you now as you come into your new routines.