Friday's Letters

This originated from Ashley Slater over HERE. Dear Gordon, You are getting so big. You turn 7 months old tomorrow. I can't get enough of your gummy smile. Actually, so grateful for that "toothless" smile. Dear Cal, Let's work on being friends this week. No more fits. Okay? You make good choices all the time and I will never send you to time-out again. Dear Oliver, Boy, have you become so sweet and endearing. I especially love when you address me with, "My darling." Keep it up. Dear my lover, I am digging the new hair style. And so proud of all of your extra hard work in school. Dear Cold Florida Winter, Please stick around for a little longer. While I LOVE basking in the sun around the pool, I also enjoy spending time with the boys and soon, when you fade away, summer will take over and then my eldest little one will be off to school ALL DAY LONG. I don't know what we will do without him.