What It's All About: Tender Mercies of the Lord

I made it a goal to reach out to you fellow bloggers today (Do Better Sundays). I loved today. I am embracing our new church meeting time. Embracing my new responsibilities at church. It just ended up being a great day. (My love letting me sleep in, DID contribute to this). I want to share more of what I am grateful for through this blog of what matters most. Sadly, I was pretty busy last fall (2012) with 6 college courses on my plate (2 new subjects to start from scratch) and a healthy pregnancy, 2 little ones under the age of 4. Life was busy. Then, it got even busier. My love changed jobs, started attending school at night and on the weekends, we moved and had a precious little babe. I miss you blogging world. I was sitting here staring at these two (pictured above) and thinking, "This is what it is all about. This is why I have been away so long. I have been soaking up every moment of what this life I lead has to offer." 

I plan to update you with more posts. If I post each week for the next few months, that is more posts than I did the entire year last year!!! AHHH!! SO terrible. Alright. Catch you later.

Here is a quick message that I shared with my class today: Enjoy!