As sappy and illegitimate as this may sound, I was listening to Delilah After Dark tonight after dropping our babysitting home. It is somewhat of a drive and I love to sing as loud as possible while alone in the car. She came on in between songs and began to pose questions. "Did you take even a minute to ENGAGE real attention with some you love? Really listen? Drop everything and look into their eyes to really BE there?"

I went with the exercise and came up with a few examples. We are so plugged in these days. I have been noticing it a lot. Our little Gordon is 7 months and he can detect with his large round eyes if I am even partially distracted. He combats it by grabbing a hand full of hair to pull me close until our eyes meet. Then he smiles knowing he is communicating with me.

So, I am throwing out a challenge. Let's go with Delilah on this one. Can you be unplugged for an hour every day? Spend that hour learning about others, yourself, developing a hobby? Analyze where all of your time goes and report back! Comment on your findings. I will be reporting back to you via this space in which I write.