Potty Training, Smiles and Frustration

At night I look back at photos and videos of the children created in moments that pass so quickly throughout the day. Usually, I miss them while they sleep. I was reviewing a video taken at the end of the day Monday. I laugh with vigor. The content isn't particularly hilarious, but it was a long awaited laugh. The day was filled with frustration. Potty training works both ways. All those involved must be patient. I wasn't willing to be patient since I saw the end drawing near so long ago. I wanted it to be over.

Our day led sweet Calvin to avoid dinner all together. He and his brother excused themselves from the table and ran away cheerfully to play. Within a few minutes they reappear dressed in a combination of the outfits from their play costumes causing the adults left at the table to burst with laughter. Calvin came out with this mask which broke through my stubborn anger. How can anyone be angry with Batman? After all, we all make mistakes. In the days following, I was more patient and he was more successful. Lesson learned.

Batman from Mostwhatmatters on Vimeo.


Ashley Romero said…
thats awesome! I dont have a problem being unplugged, but I do have a problem focusing! I am constantly thinking about what I need to get done! I will definitely try this and be in the moment instead of worrying about getting the dishes done or when I need to start dinner! thanks amz!