Easter Week: Pre-School Ideas

In my head, this post was already posted like three weeks ago...

Last month, at our monthly Enrichment meeting (learn more about it here) we had a perfect night filled with laughter, great babysitters, yummy snacks, and a folder full of ideas to help "enrich" the lives of our family. Sister Pennel did a phenomenal job sharing her passion for the week preceding Easter.

Here are some of the ideas we did with our family, that may work with yours.
This link is great for studying about Easter. 

Palm Sunday:

Last week, we reenacted this blessed event with the boys after sharing the story of Jesus returning to Jerusalem. We read the paper version, but they love these little videos as well. By the end of our reenactment, the boys were a bit silly. We each took turns riding the donkey into Jerusalem on top of clothing, while being fanned by palms. This can be adapted for older children by reading the account from the New Testament and discussing critical thinking questions about why this was monumental and why it may be recounted and saved for our day to discover.