Becoming a Mother

To every mother.

When this video first appeared in my inbox, my heart exploded with gratitude for being a mother and having one. Becoming a mother changed my life. Today, I lay sick in bed with a gracious husband who stayed home from work to be by my side. To be "mom" for the day. My head pounded, but I wanted to be out where the children were to observe them.

Once I entertain the thought that I have everything figured out, things change. Change can be great. It can be difficult and great simultaneously. Being a mother means sacrifice. Sacrificing your needs for someone else. I have been mothered by so many in my life along the way. Women have a natural capacity to fulfill this attribute.

Being Mothered

As a teenager, I spent the night at a friend's house and ended up sick in the middle of the night. My friend had gone to sleep, but her mother was still up. Cleaning away. I told her how I felt and she brought me to the bathroom with a soup pan and said, "You will be okay. If you need me to take you home, I will." Her words comforted me so easily. She was mothering me.

After bearing two boys, 17 months apart, I found it difficult to adjust to my additional duties as a mother. I got the courage to go to the grocery store alone. Put the 18 month old into the front of the grocery cart and 1 month old in a baby carrier that strapped close to my body. I was ecstatic to avoid any fits and felt empowered when we rolled into the checkout lane, only to notice that there was something dripping from my sons seat onto the floor. I was mortified and went straight to the bathroom. I pushed the full cart into the small bathroom and attempted to change our older son's diaper while our baby was still in the carrier. I couldn't put him in the cart and he was in danger with big brother kicking while I tried to change him. I felt such despair and failure as I was just trying to accomplish grocery shopping with two kids!

Just then, the most comforting voice behind me said, "Can I hold that baby for you while you change his diaper?" I felt like angels were surrounding me. I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending this sweet old lady to me that morning. Once I turned around, I recognized this caring woman as someone I grew up with in church. I hadn't seen her in years, but felt comfort in knowing that my boys would be fine with her help. She mothered me.

I hope I can be an influence to others in the world daily as I come into contact. I hope to be more positive so I can help others as well.