Mother's Day Series: Celebrate a Mother

I don't think just one day in each year can encompass the sacrifice that exists among mothers and those who mother. What a life changing event it becomes when a child is born to a parent. A child who was with our Father in Heaven just moments prior. A child who is here on this earth in our care. Motherhood is transforming, a process that includes all weaknesses laid out in front. Motherhood has taught me respect for all mothers, including my dear mother. It has taught me patience and a greater perspective that this life isn't all there is to living! That this life is a time to prepare to meet the ultimate example of parenthood, our Heavenly parents.

What a blessing it was to watch the dedication of the Ft. Lauderdale Temple today. I was uplifted and fed spiritually, but also filled with gratitude for all those who prepared and worked so diligently to make those services possible. The gospel is real. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. We believe in Eternal life, living forever with our families, which isn't automatically inherited. We believe that physical death does not break the bonds and relationships we work so hard to build on earth.

I challenge you to watch this video about the life of Mary, the very mother of Jesus Christ. What an exemplary mother she was, knowing that her Son would face such unimaginable suffering in His short life.

Be inspired today! Inspire others and appreciate a mother that may be around you and all mothers this week!!!