Mother's Day Series: An Eternal Partnership with God

{First born and Momma}
{2nd born and Momma}
{3rd son and Momma}

Sometimes, motherhood can be tough. Sheer exhaustion is apparent for the first couple years. Some people are blessed with children who sleep through the night early on. We were blessed with good healthy babes that did not like to be apart from us, even in the middle of the night ;). 

I looked back to find pictures from almost five years ago, when I became a mother. They brought joy and happiness to my heart as I scrolled through each one. How difficult the change was, but looking back now I think I had it pretty easy. 

One thing that I am grateful for is the memories preserved by photos. I take countless pictures. This is due to my mother, who always took photos of us as children, even if she had to wait weeks or months to develop the rolls of film until she had enough funds to cover it. She made sure when the family was gathered together to get a family photo to preserve the memory. I haven't been great at creating photo books, but one day I will devote some of my time to preserving these memories for our family history. 

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Don't forget to make her feel special this Sunday, or just every day because she has put countless hours into your care and well being.