Mother's Day Series: Having Children in Faith

I agree with this blogger mentioned in Elder Anderson's talk. It seems as a mother, the world would like to bring you down. If I show my face in public with more than one child, I am always confronted with passersby that may innocently wish to congratulate me or maybe just wish to voice their own opinion about my family while sharing facts or advice such as,

"You have got your hands full."
"Wow, three boys. I bet you're busy."
"You know what prevents that, right?"

The list goes on. I usually just push right past to avoid showing any dismay in front of these special spirits we have been blessed with.

Hopefully, as time marches on, I will have this blog to reflect upon how much encouragement young moms need. Maybe after I am retired, I will go out in public just to search for those young moms, juggling children, anxiously looking for the checkout line and offer a smile or words like,

"You are doing a great job, momma!"
"You have such beautiful children."
"Keep up the good work."

I hope this season of Spring and Mother's Day, we can all be more aware of those who are mothering around us. Be patient. Be kind and strive to be whatever support a mother may need.