Mother's Day Series: Love Her Mother

I get chills while watching this video because it is so true. I believe it is important for Fathers of sons, to show love for their mother, as well. I read a research study recently which proved that sibling relationships thrive upon how the parents treat each other.

We are still sickly around this household and the day was going smooth until after dinner. I learned that my husbands car wouldn't start (due to leaving the headlights on two days in a row), our middle son was screaming to be held in pain from his illness, the baby had a dirty diaper and the eldest was wanting my attention to look at how big his belly was. While trying to completed dinner and care for myself, I felt so bombarded. I love being needed, we all do, but that moment was built up and I was needed too much. Just when I thought I would burst with exhaustion and frustration,

Oliver said, "Mommy?"
 "What?" I answered sharply.
He paused until I looked into his big, round eyes,
"I love you," and he held my hand.

When all else fails, when the days seem far too long, when simple tasks turn difficult, the Lord is there to help encourage me and my soul to push a little longer. Oliver made me feel so appreciated in a moment of despair. That is the epitome of motherhood.