Music Muse Tues: Sara Bareilles, I Just Want You

Years ago, as a pre-teen, my sisters and I would gather our best sleepover friends, set up an amateur backdrop made of bed linens hanging from the walls, shine our bed side lamps and sing our hearts out to audio cassette tapes of recorded radio music. This became a trend. We tested out different types of music and different friends to fill in. Most nights, we promised our mother we were going to sleep and would often get caught recording our un-trained voices with my mom's huge VHS tape video camera.

Since, I have trained my voice, love to sing and reminisce long ago when my care-free, somewhat timid spirit would sing my heart out in front of friends. This song, is one of those that carries those thoughts into the forefront. This song is pure talent. I love each and every word. I dedicate it to my love, (although he has blue eyes). Maybe I will record it for him one day! Enjoy.

 I Just Want You By: Sara Bareilles

{My favorite part of the lyrics listed below}

Give me your heart to hold a God-like truth,
Give me one good soul I can tell it through
Give me good reason to believe in you
And give me strength if you have time

Give me two hands that'll hold this up
And don't you give me no more than just enough
You gave a pair of brown eyes that can call a good bluff
And somebody who thinks they shine

But you, I just want you
I just want you

So take it all away
If it isn't meant for me
I don't want the easy way
I just want you
They can give me everything
But at the end of the day
The only words i'll say
Is 'I just want you'
I just want you

It's all so simple when I break it all down
Two roads converged on a hallow ground
It's taken all my life to hear the sacred sound
Of sweet simplicity

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