Music Muse Tues: Nick Lachey, "Father's Lullaby"

Today, amidst three sickies in the cart, I rolled through Wal-Mart determined to ONLY purchase the 5 items on my list. Given the circumstances, the boys were loaded into the cart and I struggled to push 100+ pounds in addition to a cart with a faulty wheel. It was okay though. We needed those 5 things. The boys began to realize how close they were in the cart and I saw the next events unfold quickly.  "He's looking at me..." "Stop!" You get the picture. We happened to be in the baby section and stopped to enjoy the soothing sounds of Nick Lachey. I have heard this album on Spotify already, but in that moment, the song stopped my thoughts, stopped the rushing, stopped the impatience.

Even though I wasn't much of 98 degrees fan, (BSB all the way), I can appreciate a good song when I hear one. And the album cover is just so sweet. Tis the season to appreciate Fathers. I love Jason so much. The lyrics are very much applicable to our life. I think I roll over almost every night and mumble for Jason to take the baby back to bed. What a love he is in my life.

Check this one out! The attached video includes an interview, sorry. It was the only way to share this song. =)