Video Monday: Step One

Step one should always be followed by introspection of some sort. Usually, we follow steps in assembling a bicycle or baking a cake. But we can also follow steps to change something, to change ourselves.

He walked for the first time on Wednesday. He took those first steps that brought natural joy and laughter into the room. There is something to be said about the pride we feel when our children accomplish things. It can be as little as those first steps and range to graduating from high school! We are proud and WE SHOULD BE.

If you watch the adorable video attached, you will notice that he is hesitant to take those first steps. Everything will change once he starts walking. Those steps mean so much developmentally. Mommy will be more busy with a toddler who is learning to walk. I'm sure his simple thoughts didn't compare to mine, but fear greeted him for a moment. 

Taking those steps to change, does bring up feelings of fear and questions like, "What if..." But eventually we adapt and reminisce on the simplicity of moments like this. And this is what it is ALL about. Moments of change and learning and reminiscing. Oh and then there comes those moments of trial and understanding. That's another topic, for another day. I hope we can all be better. Better today and tomorrow and the next day... What will you change?

In light of this post, I will be sharing our baby boy's first steps! (Excuse the mess that goes along with chance video recordings of monumental moments in our lives).

Video Monday: First Steps from Mostwhatmatters on Vimeo.

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