Chatbooks and Instagram- Code For First Book Free

Chatbooks Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I am in LOVE with a new product. I was hesitant at first because I thought it may be a commitment for someone on a budget. There are no strings attached. You can subscribe and unsubscribe as you wish. Chatbooks is a FREE app. Once you subscribe to your Instagram series, the app collects your feed with the caption and time stamp. There is one picture per page in a 60 page, high quality, photo book. 

Here is what I LOVE about Chatbooks:

  • Flat rate per book = $6
  • One picture per page- 6" x 6" book
  • Time stamp and captions included (and easily edited for spelling errors or more/less explanation)
  • 3 day grace period to edit the book prior to shipping
  • No shipping charges
  • Ease of use of the app
  • Priceless value of journaling
  • Joy that it brings to my boys when they get a new book and reminisce 
  • Change the cover picture of each book
  • Once Instagram series is subscribed, Chatbooks will download all of your photobooks and create volumes
  • Volumes are numbered chronologically with dates on spine of the book
  • Encourages me to post more
  • You can exclude photos that you don't want printed!
  • Videos show as the still shot, if it is too blurry, toss it
Chatbooks Review 
Check out my son on their homepage!! So honored! ;) 


The code is good for your first book free in their Instagram subscription. You MUST subscribe to the Instagram series for the code to work. Must be a first-time subscriber. 

Step 1:
GO HERE (from your phone) Download the app

Step 2:
Subscribe to Instagram Series (within the app)

Step 3:

Go through your pics and edit captions, choose covers for your books and exclude any photos you do not want printed.

Step 4: 
Use this code at checkout for your FIRST BOOK FREE: MOST12