Friday the 13th


Hello Blog World! I came across this journal entry in my phone from almost a month ago! I can't believe it has been a month.

June 13th: 

Drove 15 under the speed limit tonight. So many times, I drove down that road over the speed limit, racing to get somewhere. A place so many have called home over the years.

Listen to your heart came on the radio. The lyrics applied, sort-of.
The kids chattering faded into the song.


I am sad.


Not sad because of change. Change is good. Sad because knowing that someone who would do anything for me or a member of my family, is moving more than a day's drive away, which really translates into $$ between us. Sad because our kids may grow apart as they will be forced to make other friends, sad because I always dreamed of raising my family close to our family and now it seems we are going where life takes us. We are all led down different paths that should lead us back together for eternity. So really, I shouldn't morn this day. Friday the 13th. I should cherish the moments of the past and look forward to the future.

**All these pictures are from recent Cousin events. =)