Friday's Letters: A Personal One

Aug 2014 upload

Year One:


Though this letter is somewhat late, I wanted to share the feelings of my heart now, so that they may be preserved to read at some later date. You came into our lives in time of peril. You were the light in all the darkness. Our Heavenly Father knew that we needed you at that time. Though our struggles were great, we were surrounded by so many loving people that were willing to help succor our needs. You have been blessed with such a natural patience and easy-going personality. Being the third boy in four years, this trait will continue to bless our family. Even as an infant, your personality reflected little irritation and complaining.

You love to catch our attention by exploring the trash can, putting on shoes, taking trips in the car. You are climbing anything you can to prove your adventurous spirit. Dancing and finding the beat in everyday life, always shows somehow. Even when mommy was using the sewing machine, you heard a beat and danced to it. You love to laugh and show affection. If mommy takes an extra minute to sing you to sleep, it is always interrupted by a sweet kiss.

Aug 2014 upload

You are highly motivated by food. You love to eat healthy things and try anything. Your favorite animals seem to be dogs and birds. You are enamored by nature. One thing is for sure, you love to play with water. You love the pool, ocean, sink, shower, bath, and toilet. Whatever the setting, there is a smile on your face if water is present.

Your older brothers love you so much. They try to include you in games and love to teach you new things. It is no wonder that you are a part of this family. You fit in perfectly. I am grateful for you, my sweet baby boy. Happy Birthday!


Marcy said…
Hi- You mention that the books are "high quality", but I've found them to be very low quality and grainy. Do you still think the quality is the same as when you first reviewed them? Thanks!
Lambz Ann said…
Hi Marcy, I have purchased photo books from 3 other companies in the past. I believe the quality is great. The pictures that I found to be "grainy" are the ones that are low light or poor quality for print. That's why I like these small photo books because they are simple and not so perfect. What kind of camera do you use for pictures posted on Instagram? I have taken photos with our Canon and found the quality to much better. It has also made me more aware of what I am posting and to document with higher quality pictures using more natural light or my other camera instead of my iPhone. I hope that helps. I would definitely contact chatbooks because maybe there was an error that they can fix. Thanks for the question!
Susan said…
Is it possible to purchase two books at once? I have already subscribed, and would like a duplicate copy sent to my mom as a Christmas present. This would be an ongoing thing, so she can see what is going on. I'm not sure how to do this. She doesn't have an I-phone. Can I just repeat the application process and put her name as recipient but use same billing process?
Lambz Ann said…
I know that you can have additional contributors now and that they have an android version of the app. I will try to find out and get back to you. Can you send me an email so I am notified quicker with your question. Also, did you put in the code MOST12? Thanks,
Lambz Ann said…
Hi Susan! I found out from here is what they said, ""Yes, ordering additional books or subscriptions is easy. If you’ve placed an order for yourself just tap the button to order an additional copy at the bottom of the Book Info screen.

On the Order Information screen, add a new Shipping Address and then complete your order.
Chatbooks make amazing gifts for family and friends!"