Music Muse Tues: Paul Cardall and Gracie's Theme

Music helps me focus when I am completing a work task. The notes activate connections in my brain, electricity that travels to the center of information processing. I wanted to share Paul Cardall's latest album, New Life. He was born with congenital heart disease and has under gone many heart surgeries, with the last being a heart transplant. He also did not play his entire life. He began at 8 with lessons and quit due to practice demands (like many people, including myself). He picked up again after a close friend was in a fatal car accident. He composed music as a result. I admire his talent. Something he has worked on countless hours to share with the world. If you have not heard of Paul Cardall, listen today! I love to play his music when company is over, on the Sabbath, when I need to concentrate on work, while typing this post... We use Spotify, but also own a few of his albums.

My new favorite composition is, "Gracie's Theme". It brings to mind the song, "Claire 'de Lune" by Claude Debussy. I could listen to it all day! Enjoy.