Rock Springs and the Power to Bruise My Heel

Rock Springs 2014

This week came as expected. I had goals for a new set of days, events written on the fridge as reminders and dishes in the sink that needed to be scrubbed. One thing wasn't expected. I hobbled around on one foot for part of Sunday and most of Monday. I am an adult, I should be aware of injuries that cause a handicap to my daily duties. I had NO idea where this pain started, but I wanted it to stop. My Achilles Tendon was so tight I had trouble bending my foot down, even with a simple step.

Rock Springs 2014

I searched for answers. It wasn't the sort of pain that made you cry, just annoyed and impatient. I contacted my elder brother. He responded so quickly. It was a miracle. Although I had the answers I needed to fix the problem, I wanted to know how it started, to prevent it in the future.

Rock Springs 2014

We spent Saturday with my mom and our church congregation at Rock Springs. It was beautiful. My mom brought her impressive photog skills and GOPRO to record our fun. She is a joy to be around. The boys couldn't wait to point out what they discovered in the crystal clear waters. The baby loved it, surprisingly. The water temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit on average. I wore water shoes to protect my feet, but didn't do any adventurous jumping or diving that would cause injury to my heel.

What was it? I took my brother's advice and applied ice to the location. I was amazed at the instant relief. I hobbled around, cleaned the house and completed the chores that I set out to do that day while trying to avoid this pain. I had the motivation required with missionaries coming for dinner. While at dinner, something profound came to me.

A scripture. Moses 4:21.

Rock Springs 2014

Satan will have the power to "bruise his [man's] heel" but man will have the power to "crush his [Satan's] head." I had a bruised heel. And who know's how I got it, but nonetheless, was I going to let it affect the rest of my day? The diligence required to complete my responsibilities? Would I let it kill my motivation, the same motivation I prayed for, hours earlier? What did it matter that I had a bruised heel. More importantly, it didn't matter how I got the bruised heel. I had the information needed to fix it. Sometimes it is better to fix it and move on.

Often, we are blinded with bruised heels, little bumps, different obstacles. How do we adjust? Have a great week, my friends.

Rock Springs