Playing Catch Up

Is it any wonder how time seems to slip away as you begin to settle and enjoy your circumstances. I hate keeping an inspirational thought to myself, it always burrows and then almost explodes as I finally share. That's how it was on my end last week.

I am ever so grateful for the time in which we live. I am grateful for my family. Just the way it is, as far as it extends and imperfect as it stands.




11-3These were some shots from October and November 2014. Spent time with my momma and sis at her baby shower! They are gorgeous. Calvin celebrated his 4th birthday. Oh how fun it was! It seemed barely thrown together until it happened and everything worked out so perfectly. Then I was surprised for my 30th birthday with a skit about "my life" at SAK comedy club. Completely embarrassed and surrounded my family and friends.

December was a whirlwind to put it best. We spent little time trimming the tree and almost all the rest, packing and cleaning our home to move on to the next. Any mention of the move to my friends, always followed with their personal horror stories about their last move. I was not thrilled and procrastinated a bit, but enjoyed the time packing and cleaning our home one last time. I'm not sure we will ever find a place like it again. A left a piece of my heart in my "hometown." I didn't really have time to grieve.

Now we are onto the edge of a new adventure. With things changing so quickly, I'm grateful for my family and testimony which stand as a constant foundation in my life to hang on through the storms. I hope to check-in here and there as we adjust in our new home. I love to hear from each of you too! Check out my facebook page. Leave a comment if you like what you read (or dislike I suppose).