C'est La Vie Friends

This week has been a hot-mess kind of a week, but I haven't really noticed. Monday, my car broke down. My sis jumped it. Got home safe. Jason fixed it. Spent three hours cleaning two rooms of the house with kids (which is normally torture). Didn't even notice.
Spring 2015

Today, walking through the library, three kids in tow (3 boys 5 and under) my perspective mattered. An umbrella stroller holding together my sanity, a thin plastic Publix bag full of books about to bust, a tired-of-waiting-and-being-strapped-down 19 month old, my purse (overpacked and heavy). We hit the threshold of "hanging out" in our new library 15 minutes prior. I just had to check out the 25 cents books for sale. Mistake.

We get to the library check out counter and attempt the self-checkout to save face, even though everyone was staring at this point. Probably wondering [read this in Jim Gaffigan's audience voice], "What is she doing? Why did she bring ALL those kids? Does she always let them walk all over her? Poor thing. She has way too many books. She has way too many kids." I fumbled. Oliver carried 5 books, Calvin 3 books. I had a couple piles myself and realized the self-checkout printed individual receipts for each book.

"No way am I standing here going through 19 books like this." 

There were three employees waiting for me. Looking on and wondering the aforementioned thoughts. At least that's what I gathered from the vibe set forth. Gordon starts yelling out nonsense phrases. The soundtrack to my life lately. Oliver puts his books down and decides to climb the wooden security fixtures straight out of the 1980. Calvin was walking in circles until he fell down in laughter and dizziness and boredom. I just tried to focus on checkout procedures through the confusion.

We were done. The employees politely commented how happy the boys were, offered some more plastic grocery bags to carry my books out to the car. I took a deep breath and we were off. Then I knew Gordon did not have his "Ruh Ruh" (toy dog) that was tightly grasped in his hands and always is. It keeps him content and adds patience to his scale.

"I have to find that dog." I tried to gather the boys and they didn't want to go back into the library.

Spring 2015"This is possibly the most disastrous library trip that ever occurred," I dramatically let out and it was like I popped an awkward balloon, giving permission to all of my pity-party observers to let me have it.

They laughed and agreed and somehow, in that moment, I didn't cry or get offended or smolder with anger stomping all the way to my car.

I laughed too. It was comical. The whole trip. The failures are hilarious and what's more entertaining is that adversity thinks he can stop me and my disastrous trips. And that is when I realized, when I was inspired by the Spirit of God. I LOVE LIFE! C'est La Vie my friends.

Spring 2015