Friday's Letters #1 2015 Series

Check out the "label" or tag at the bottom of the post for some of our past Friday's letters. Hope to keep up this good habit.

feb15 3b

Dear Florida,
I am in love with you. I know you probably realized this a long time ago. I try not to complain about weather patterns or humidity levels because the beauty and nature you possess overpower any downfalls.

Dear Gordon,
I'm not sure I've ever written to you on here so... I wish to share how much I adore your cute attempts at opposition. I almost keep a straight expression each time, but inside I'm close to laughter. It's an honor to watch you progress and help you up when you fall.

Dear Calvin,
My favorite thing you told me this week so far was this, "Mom, I don't want to go to school, because I don't want to be all alone." You shared your softer side. I'm grateful for all you do as mommy's helper and will miss you when school begins.

Dear Lover,
Thanks for working and playing so hard. At the park yesterday, I was sad when I saw a family with 3 kids our children's ages get out to play and the father stayed in the car on his phone. I know there was probably a valid explanation, but I felt super grateful that when you are with the kids, you are playing.

My sweet Oliverie,

Just keep smiling. I can't wait for that tooth to pop out! I better take more pics with all your baby teeth, because it's the last time they will all be together!!