Thankful Thursday#1 2015 Series

I'm thankful for parks.
What a wonderful thing for our tax dollars. A place to gather, outside that is clean and maintained. A place to observe the things that God put on this earth to bring us joy. A place to unite as a family outside of the house! It's especially great for apartment dwellers.

feb15 1b

I'm thankful for facial expressions.
Did you know that facial expressions come to earth with our bodies? They are not learned. If you are born blind, you still have natural expressions for happiness and anger. What a blessing it is to have a way to read other's even if some can hide how they feel easier than others.

I'm thankful for the internet!
Wow, we can connect to anyone at anytime. As invasive as it may seem, the internet does provide a way for me to work while caring for my babes.

I'm thankful for you!
If you are reading this, thanks. That makes me happy. Feel free to comment or like or offer criticism to anything on here.