Day 1: Raphine

After catching a ride with Aunt Ashley, we were off to Virginia. The flight was only about 50 minutes total. We were over Jacksonville 15 minutes after take off. This is the only way to travel with our little lovebugs. I can't imagine a 13 hour road trip trying to please everyone (maybe if I had a mini-van =) + the cost of gas/maintenance on the car would make it equal.

Oliver was so amazed that we were AB0VE the clouds. He kept saying, "Look mommy, look daddy." We were just trying to make them quiet, but I forgot how noisy the flight is. I felt a little motion-sick while flying and attempted to focus on something else (like finding the vomit bag). We were happy to arrive in beautiful Roanoke, VA. Debb picked us up and we were off.


The boys got better acquainted with all of the animals! The "puppies" were Oliver's favorite. Oliver ran down to the creek in the backyard. The creek is lined with tall walnut trees, perfect spot for a hammock and perfect spot for me! Oliver loved exploring the backyard and of course he had to take a ride on the big green tractor.
I hate bragging about the weather, but it really was a nice break from hot, humid Florida. They live in the mountains, the mountains that have a beautiful breeze, plenty of trees for shade and a quiet calm. I loved our vacation. We felt so loved and welcome by our family. That alone is worth all of the not-so-fun parts of traveling with lovebugs.