My Mother Is

I wasted my life away on this horrible movie last night with my love. He picked it out, for me, thinking that it may be silly, but at least I would probably enjoy it. Throughout the entire predictable plot, we laughed thinking how someone came up with these lines which made it all the way into our bedroom. Anyway, after the movie I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking about how grateful I was for the influence my mother has on my life. The movie was not about mothers AT ALL, but my mom had her car hit again! I couldn't believe it when she called. She was not in the car, so she is physically okay, but I thought, what are the odds? I wrote this for her while lying in bed.

My Mother Is

Mother is a lover
And a fighter she may be.
Mother loves her brother
And any sisters in her tree.
Mother loves in secret
Showing true charity.
But mother loves in the open,
Open doors, she sings to me.

always showed her love
And kindness to all.
Mother always did what mothers do
They fall.

Mothers take the fall 
for their children you see?
Mothers always do, 
Mothers will always be.

When I look at my little man (or men)
I think of mother dear.
For when I see their smiles,
Memories of my childhood run so clear.
I do not think of school or work.
I do not think of trials.
I think of all the fun I had
as my mother's child.


So nice. Such a great mother she is.
Romero said…
That is a great poem and defines her perfectly.