Zebras and Camels?


Oliver's new "go-to" conversation is all about zebras and camels. He has not forgotten the trip we took with Grandma and Aunt Amelia to a safari "drive-through" zoo. In fact, if you want his attention, just point out a few imaginary zebras and camels and he will come running!

Unfortunately, when we arrived, he was sleeping. We had to wake him and everyone is aware of how toddler's are when they first wake. The views were breathtaking. Zebras, camels, llamas, antelope, deer, bison, ostrich, elk were all layered throughout the hills. We drove through at the park's closing, so the lighting was perfect. What an adventure! 

At one point we were waiting to feed this large elk and were caught off guard when emus surrounded the vehicle. We each had feed buckets, so the emus just helped themselves. Their head movements seemed unpredictable. Oliver was quite afraid of our screams. I know the video is scattered, but it sets the scene for the panic we felt.

I have been close to ostrich before, but never took note of their prehistoric feet! Debb captured it perfectly.

We will have to visit again. This was an experience of a lifetime! 

Also, my favorite band has released another classic cover:


i love the video. norms watched it like 30 times today.
Jason & Amber said…
hahaha Oliver loves to watch himself too!