Boyce to the Avenue

What an extraordinary concert! Boyce Avenue rocked the night away last Saturday in Orlando. Thanks to my wonderful sister and her husband, we were able to leave the kids at home for an evening out on the town. Jess, Abigail, my momma, and my love all packed in the car headed downtown. We were so impressed by the talent, which is evident on their YouTube channel that is constantly playing in our home. One day, we will be talented enough to collaborate. We are truly inspired by their talent, dedication and stage presence! They create a magic as they cover song's that I didn't like prior to their version. I left the concert wanting more, the time flew by too quick!

Some of my favorite things of the night:
  • The feeling the base rattle my cage
  • Screaming the words to as song I love at the TOP of my Lungs
  • Forcing my dear sister Abby to proclaim her love for Alejandro
  • Laughing Out Loud with my sister Jess
  • Listening to this song and knowing that HE is already here
  • Watching my momma rock it out
  • Competing with my mom's famous Indian call (yeyeyeyaayayahhh!)
  • Being inspired to sing more and dust off that 'ole guitar
  • Swaying with my love as we enjoyed the talent someone else has worked so hard to perfect
  • When they sang my favorite song!
  • Coming home to a clean house, sleeping lovebugs, and a happy sister!

We can't wait to go back! Come back Boyce Avenue!!


Romero said…
Mom must have been screaming the whole night because her face got stuck in that position... I'm glad you guys had fun!
Jason & Amber said…
Hahah, You are funny Ash! Thanks again for taking care of the kids!