Merry Christmas to Oliver, From Santa

So the truth has surfaced...Oliver is not a fan of the big man, you know, Santa Claus. He really doesn't like any characters or anything that conceals a person's identity. We traveled to the North Pole via Sea World today. Wow, can I just share that they are really pushing the photo ops! They have a life size snow globe that your whole family can enter and take pictures in. Too bad we do not have a camera to do so with. We were in a bit of a rush so, we didn't see all of the Christmas shows they have yet, but we did visit Santa. Oliver clung ever so tight as he saw the old Kris Kringle. "No Ho ho ho Mommy, no Santa," he said as we got closer to the man himself. After the photo his entire disposition changed, "That was fun mommy. Santa is fun." We had loads of laughs and held on tightly to him. We saw a Polar bear get inches from the glass of his display and roar like a lion. I know I sound like a Sea World promoter, but I love it there. Oliver touched every sting ray in the sting ray lagoon for a good 1/2 hour while Calvin slept and Daddy and Aunt Abby rode Manta. We also learned of a new sea turtle exhibit! I can't wait! I love sea turtles. They are amazing creatures, so graceful.

Oliver rode his first rollarcoaster today!! Daddy rode it first with Oliver and I followed quickly behind. We were lucky enough to have Aunt Abby join us for some fun today!

My lovely sis-in-law shared this awesome link to a site that sends messages from Santa, boy is he busy this time of year =). Check out our video for Oliver. He will watch it in the morning. "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmastrees!"