The Love of Family

 Yesterday the opportunity presented itself for me to partake of something that makes everything right. I looked forward to this event for some time. Ever since I learned about Sister Allred visiting our area, I jumped at the occasion of hearing what she had to share. This weekend ended so blurry and went out through the window before I knew it. Let me explain.

Friday morning, I couldn't help but think that my mind was playing tricks on me. There is no way that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have too soon passed by. I hurried around the house in hopes of making each room better than I discovered when I awoke. It is a busy task when two little lovebugs want me to lay around all day adorning their every move. I smile and carry on, trying to make the best of accomplishing chores that no right minded individual enjoys doing. I thought about the weekend and what it had in store. I knew that I must work to finish my assignments for that evening of "Professional Development." I also knew that I had to be out the door to work in a few hours before I thought about the long awaited pictures sitting behind the Walgreens counter, a can at The Home Depot ready to replace my sorry excuse for a trashcan, a package at the Post Office that should have been delivered almost a month ago and dinner roasting away at Publix for a friend who has welcomed a new member of their family. How was I going to make this happen? My determination almost got the best of me as I stopped at each location. I had to wait for more than 15 minutes with a sweet little well-behaved red head that just wanted to be chased. I let the obstacles come my way and learned a little more patience.

I got home and my dear love informed me that he was taking me away for our anniversary of five years. I couldn't believe it! I had so many questions, but no time. I rushed around the house that appeared more clean earlier in the day. I wasted away through my class wondering if it would ever be over! My mother and sister watched our boys. How grateful I am for that. I joined my love at the grand Orlando Hilton for a sweet two night stay with fancy food included. [He won this package awhile back.] We both deserved it. I was impressed by the amenities offered. More importantly, I appreciated my family ever so much this weekend. As I tried to fall asleep Friday evening, my thoughts tempted me to call and check on the boys. I just wanted to hear that they couldn't live without me or that I was sorely missed. I resisted the temptation and before I knew it, we had actually enjoyed a real nights rest. I can't tell you how much my body thanked me! I felt great! I was a new person!

We got to spend a few hours with the boys and mom before they were off to another adventure with Nana on Saturday. As we buckled them in, I thought about how much I do love being a mother.  Jason grabbed my hand and we were off to the movies. Suddenly, my eyes begin watering like a quick summer storm. I tried to hide it, but Jason noticed. I couldn't explain what I was feeling other than love. I flashed forward to what it would be like to be away from them for any longer. I don't think it would be possible.

The "Beatty" girls were off to the fireside on Sunday evening. I visited with many familiar faces before the fireside. We were spiritually fed. It only made me so excited for next weekend's events and then hearing from the other General Authorities of the church for General Conference. Sister Allred shared her testimony. She shared stories and uplifting words that soothe the soul. Words that I have heard before, but that seemed new to me when accompanied by the Spirit.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:
"Your own life is part of the history of the Relief Society."
"He answers prayers through other people. Nothing brings me more joy when I know I have been an answer to someone's prayers."
"When we are ready to come to Him. He is ready to come to us."
"The best way to get to know God is to be obedient."
"Realize the infinite Atonement not only covers an infinite number of sins, but think about the infinite depth of what it covers, down to our infirmities and imperfections."
"He [Jesus Christ] will make every wrong, right."
"Ask yourself, 'Am I willing to give up all my sins, to know God?'"

[Pictures are dated January 20, 2012, sending off the Epperson's after a nice visit in addition to a few from our wedding March 3, 2007.]