The Mailbox and Chocolate

I have a confession. I look forward to walking outside (sometimes for the first time that day) around the same time to get the mail. I am not sure if I acquired this from a childhood tradition where we walked to the end of the driveway with my mother or if I just love the Florida weather which often surprises me and begs me to stay outside.
I know that I am usually in the kitchen, cleaning up from lunch (or dinner two nights before), when I hear the rumble of the mail truck stopping in front of our house. Sometimes I soon after hear a loud knock followed by the doorbell ring and I remember that I haven't made that sign I always forget (SHHHH! The baby is sleeping!). It could just be a simple flash advertisement that is quickly walked to the recycle bin or a surprise package from my dear sister of a book that I longed for! I can't wait to share how I feel about it. I am already knee-deep into Chapter 6. I just couldn't put it down.

My second confession is my love for chocolate. I am an addict of semi-sweet chocolate chips, chocolate milk, chocolate candy bars, etc. I seemingly find myself scurrying over to the "baking cabinet" to steal a moment of pure delight throughout my day.

Yesterday I missed that moment. I missed it and yearned for it, but yesterday was filled with aching moments and sadness. I lay sick in bed from the night before just wishing that I was better and could help out my love, who balanced work and caring for the boys. I was too weak to have them climb all over me, showering me with kisses. It made me sad. It made me want to be out cleaning up Cheerios for the 100th time that week on my hands and knees under the table (Note: I will NEVER buy the hugest box of Cheerios again, even if it was nearly FREE).

 What made matters worse, was the news that I lost a dear friend. A woman who had lived her life and was near the end. A woman who lived alone and died alone. I felt sorrow, not for myself, but in vain for her, for her story. I just wished I had visited with her once more. I know that she is pain-free and in much better living conditions, for she is with our Heavenly Father.

These pictures are from 2-9-2012, taken by Amber Epperson.