Day 1, Kid 1: Kindergarten

We moped around the house aimlessly for awhile this morning. Usually, Mondays are the busiest of the week, with chores to complete and a schedule to keep. With Daddy and Oliver gone, we were sort of lost. We couldn't sleep last night! Everyone awoke for different reasons through the night, but I just wanted today to go perfect for my courageous little kindergartner.

Day 1 to Forever

I interrupted his prayers last night when I crept in to give him a little pep-talk, (cram in every last well wish for him). I almost lost it as I saw him on his knees speaking aloud to the Lord. I told him about my excitement for his new adventure and he exclaimed, "I have to go to school tomorrow?" He hadn't shown any signs of reluctance up to this point. I answered, "Yes. Just like Norman." His eyes widened and smile grew. "Mom, do I have to be in second grade to be in Norman's school?" Gosh, I caught my breath and tried to hide my emotions. I missed them too. "No, they live too far, buddy." He stopped me on the way out, "Mom, can you take a picture of everything you do with Calvin while I'm gone? I will take a picture with my brain and tell you all about it when I get home."

I quickly let out all of my tears as I repeated the story to my love. It needed to come out. I had been so nostalgic the past week. It wasn't healthy to hold these things in. Only he could validate those feelings, as he has been right there with me.
Day 1 to Forever

What a sweet reassurance it was to have our eldest son attend school where his daddy works. It also seemed silly for me to drag everyone into the crazy traffic of the first day of school in our county. I snapped a few pictures, packed a lunch, and he was off. Off with my heart on his sleeve. Off with the courage and teachings we hoped he carried in his heart. Off with a chapter in my life, that is now closed. A very good chapter, filled with the craziness of having three boys in four years.