March 27, 2014

Inside Out

My eyes were opened Sunday afternoon as I rushed the children into a pew at church just in time for the opening song. (I am working on it, okay)... My sis-in-law, Jess, grabbed my attention to a feeble old man, constrained by medical equipment to enable him to sit with less pain, hearing aids on both ears, a cane, and few teeth. "What happened?" She whispered. I discovered his sweet face, with evidence of a recent fall. He had fresh wounds and cheerfully sat in church ready to worship. It is humbling, makes you swallow in a moment of gratitude, for your circumstances. I thought as I wrestled a toddler, what if we could see the damage done from the inside out? What kind of attention would we attract? Like a scarlet letter on our foreheads, walking into a congregation with others who were likely "beat up" from the week, seeking strength and healing. Would we be more sensitive, or more judgmental? Would we be more careful and kind? Would we avoid certain people? The good news is that our Savior accepts us good or bad. We can always start today! What a blessing the Atonement is in my life.

March 20, 2014

I love my job

My spirit is starving. Tonight I indulged in a moment by myself as I contemplated the Savior. The Atonement. With this Easter season among us, let us rejoice in the life of the Savior and how so completely he fulfilled the very sacrifice that was asked of Him. It wasn't much of a meeting tonight, but took so much planning and thought and prayer. I know that these sisters in our ward ( church ) prepared so much for it. They provided such an inspiration and rejuvenation that I needed mid-week this week. I hope to be that light and inspiration to others as I travel throughout the world. So good-night world!
Meanwhile, if you can't tell, our littlest one pictured above is nearly 9 months with 6 teeth, sleeping through the night (with the exception of 1 feeding), crawling, cruising, rolling a ball, pulling pans from the cabinets, attempting to wrestle with his 2 big brothers (AHHHH!!) and just a happy baby. I can't get enough of the boys lately. I love my job!

March 2, 2014

Twigs Woodwear: Natural Time Collection

So there exists a company that was started by a talented friend. Their latest line is the Natural Time Collection. Here is a video about how to kickstart this product. The cool thing about this promotion is that the price! For a limited time, the watches are a lower price if you participate in the kickstart program. Watch the video below for a better explanation.

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