April 30, 2012

Epperson Pizzaria

Last month we started a weekly, somewhat weekly tradition of making homemade pizza for dinner. The kids love it! Don't mind the endless nonsense of my love and I laughing. We were just having so much fun in the moment. Some of our favorite parts of these clips include, "That looks like Calvin," Oliver says as he points to his almost complete pizza. And Calvin licking the pan instead of his finger, as instructed. We hope you get a kick out of it. I guess you can call it our Family night! What do you like to do with your family?

Epperson Pizzaria from Amz Epp on Vimeo.

April 29, 2012

Frogs and Buzzing

Bedtime has been interesting lately. A few months ago, we began an evening ritual of singing our boys to sleep. It is time we have as a small little family to bond, to calm, to make everything right before bed. A noise maker creates a peaceful atmosphere as we finish singing. Two weeks ago the bedtime ritual didn't go as well as the others. We decided to change the noise from the beach to frogs! Who knew that the frogs would be such a hit!

Now, if the noise is mistakenly turned to the soothing sounds of waves crashing and seagulls...gulling, Calvin will softly demand, "frogs." It is adorable. The boys both laugh simultaneously when they picture hundreds of ribbeting frogs and buzzing bugs swimming around a lake on a warm summer night.

Tonight I spent a few extra moments with Calvin, dancing away to the sounds of frogs. I almost put him down in his crib to fight sleep alone, but tonight was different. He was tired and almost far away in Neverland. I stuck it out and right as he fell asleep, light reflecting from the clock, he looked up and said, "Thank you." I almost cried right there, a midst the bugs and frogs, buzzing and ribbeting.

April 23, 2012

Interactive Kid-Friendly Websites

So for Video Monday, I thought I would share a post inspired my sister's post awhile back. We love PBS. It is educational and we don't have the boy watch too much television. Our eldest loves this site. He loves to dance and mimic the motions of the characters. Watch this video:

O & PBSKIDS.org from Amz Epp on Vimeo.

April 21, 2012

Looking Back

Camping with daddy

In the back yard

Superbowl Sunday

 I couldn't fall asleep last night and found myself anxiously going through the pictures on my phone, as if I was hand picking what I would dream about. I looked back on times when I had left my camera, moments when my phone was the closest piece of technology to capture a moment that meant something to me. A moment when my baby Calvin smiled with no teeth, drool gathering in the corner of hip rose tinted lips. A moment when Oliver proudly smiled after dressing for church on Sunday, looking like his daddy. A moment when Calvin was a baby. Then I realized, he is not a baby. He is a full blown toddler now! There is no second guessing that he is on his way to two, then kindergarten, then out the door on his first date! I just couldn't believe that 2, 3, even 4 months ago he was so small and baby-like, angelic even. I miss those times. The hands of time will never re-position like I dream, but the memories I have created with this little lovebug are set. An engram: permanently imprinted upon the waves of tissue in my brain.

[These photos are taken 01-30-12 through 2-10-12]

April 20, 2012

Dirt Boogers

Uncle Jason & Kaison
Blessed. A day of rest will put to rest so many things. Things that don't matter. After all, I am here to share what matters. Dirt boogers, they matter. To me, they signify a hard day's work in the garden, sifting through weeds and plants that just didn't make it in our backyard. A smile. So many times today, my little lovebugs just smiled. "Carefree," I thought as I looked at the events I had laid out for them today. My blog. My blog matters. It matters more to me than the sum of people that it would potentially matter to. It allows me to release any thing. Any thing that doesn't matter. That needs to be put to rest.

In class last night, I conquered. I conquered any skeptics. I taught and they learned, well most of them. Some of them already decided that learning didn't need to happen. Anything picked up, was already there... I was comfortable, confident, and where I want to be. Something the accomplished Carl Rogers spoke of. Real versus Ideal. When I know who I am and who I want to be are aligned. I am me. I am who I want to be. I am working to be better and will always strive for that. I hope I got through to those who struggle here. It causes problems. Too many to count. I love Psychology, don't you? Attempting to understand what is misunderstood. In relation to people that it. I will end with a quote by a man that I thoroughly enjoy, "People...they're the worst!"

[Pictured above: Our nephew's 1st Birthday Party, January 28, 2012]

April 17, 2012

Pretty Darn Funny = My Momma

Have you heard of Pretty Darn Funny? It is a web series put on by Deseret Book Co. I think the first 2 episodes fit the title. While attending the most uplifting TOFW, we were greeted by a booth that included a chance to win a CRUISE for 2 to Cozumel. We had to share a funny story in under 2 minutes. Of course, my hilarious mother had many stories in the bad. She shared 7 total and they posted 2. We hope you enjoy. Just CLICK HERE and watch my mom's video. PLEASE VOTE!! Click the thumbs up on the Pretty Darn Funny website. You can also vote from your phone! Go ahead, tell your friends. Let's make this happen for my mom, Sandy Beatty!

April 16, 2012

Power 90!

Power 90 from Amz Epp on Vimeo.

Our little family has been enjoying the results of the Power 90. The boys follow and we hope to instill some motivation to exercise into their minds. My lover has become so dedicated to this, so I thought I would share. It really works. He drinks the shake (all different flavors) and works out. I am not drinking the shake, but am benefiting greatly from just the workouts. I usually find myself completing the task at 1AM when the kids are asleep and my work is done, but nonetheless I am getting it done. I am proud of my love and can't wait to share his Day 90 pics! What do you think?

April 14, 2012

April Fools?

What a wonderfully uplifting Sabbath we had this weekend (*3/31-4/1). I love to hear the words of the prophets.

As we were getting ready for bed, on April Fool's Day, our littlest lovebug took a spill out of the tub. He went right for the toilet, which led to a split lip, black eye and a visit to the ER. Jason took him to the ER and I waited for my dear sister Abby to come watch our other little boy (to avoid unnecessary exposure to ER germs). Our poor little guy was such a trooper! I was amazed at how calm and collected he was as they glued his lip back together. The PA even waited for back up to hold him down and as they approached his torn lip, the nurse said, "Get ready." Calvin looked up at 4 adults, holding each limb down to a hospital bed, curious as to what would happen next. He was so innocent and calm. I know we were blessed. He could have suffered a deeper cut that would require stitches! Well, we are happy that is all over with and believe it or not, you can barely tell any such event occurred. It made me think about how much I loved this little boy. I feel such an honor to be his mother.

April 13, 2012

Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson

How inspiring this wonderful story is, a true story. A story about hope, about the love of a mother, about the love in a healthy eternal marriage, about the sweet love of siblings, and in laws. What a  lovely story that I will read again and again. With each page turned, I felt amazed by Stephanie Nielson, by her courage and determination and sharing such intimate details about her feelings. What a wonderful example she is to all the world. I suggest you go and find this book...RIGHT NOW!

April 9, 2012

Video Mondays

No description except for the love of Sunday dinners! Not everyone in the fam was there, but we always make it enjoyable. Here is a video from February of Sunday dinner!

Sunday dinner at Nana's from Amz Epp on Vimeo.

PS Calvin is speaking sentences! Can you believe it! He is so adorable. I will post a video next week about his leaps and bounds.

April 7, 2012

The Mailbox and Chocolate

I have a confession. I look forward to walking outside (sometimes for the first time that day) around the same time to get the mail. I am not sure if I acquired this from a childhood tradition where we walked to the end of the driveway with my mother or if I just love the Florida weather which often surprises me and begs me to stay outside.
I know that I am usually in the kitchen, cleaning up from lunch (or dinner two nights before), when I hear the rumble of the mail truck stopping in front of our house. Sometimes I soon after hear a loud knock followed by the doorbell ring and I remember that I haven't made that sign I always forget (SHHHH! The baby is sleeping!). It could just be a simple flash advertisement that is quickly walked to the recycle bin or a surprise package from my dear sister of a book that I longed for! I can't wait to share how I feel about it. I am already knee-deep into Chapter 6. I just couldn't put it down.

My second confession is my love for chocolate. I am an addict of semi-sweet chocolate chips, chocolate milk, chocolate candy bars, etc. I seemingly find myself scurrying over to the "baking cabinet" to steal a moment of pure delight throughout my day.

Yesterday I missed that moment. I missed it and yearned for it, but yesterday was filled with aching moments and sadness. I lay sick in bed from the night before just wishing that I was better and could help out my love, who balanced work and caring for the boys. I was too weak to have them climb all over me, showering me with kisses. It made me sad. It made me want to be out cleaning up Cheerios for the 100th time that week on my hands and knees under the table (Note: I will NEVER buy the hugest box of Cheerios again, even if it was nearly FREE).

 What made matters worse, was the news that I lost a dear friend. A woman who had lived her life and was near the end. A woman who lived alone and died alone. I felt sorrow, not for myself, but in vain for her, for her story. I just wished I had visited with her once more. I know that she is pain-free and in much better living conditions, for she is with our Heavenly Father.

These pictures are from 2-9-2012, taken by Amber Epperson.
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